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Mission Statement

Mission Statement

To be the most prestigious Subaru performance club in the world; through innovation, a resource of knowledge, a source for trend and foremost to welcome everyone with the passion of driving their Subaru.

Who is SPEC?
Even though the founders will be the mediators of the club, there is no "one" person who has responsibility over the club. Everyone that is a part of the club is a part of the club. For issues that need to be voted on (i.e.: how we spend the SPEC's money) will be voted by all attendees at the meetings through unanimous decision.

What is SPEC?
SPEC is a club for Subaru drivers who like to drive and/or modify their Subaru for the fun and love of cars. This is not a club to replace the "i-club", but is a potential sub-club that can feed off the resources of the i-club. This rule also goes without saying to other Subaru clubs out there. SPEC was not designed to overtake or outcast any other clubs. In fact is it designed to do the exact opposite. It's supposed to bring the people of the Portland/Vancouver area together and have a resource to communicate more often, with some advantages of local area support.

What can SPEC do for you?
SPEC discounts from its friends (SPO Motorsports, Carr Subaru, Hairpin Racing, Primitive Enterprises, etc.)
SPEC t-shirt and the option to purchase other club apparel and memorabilia
To be a part of SPEC Club's track days with discounts
To receive a newsletter about SPEC, past event results and upcoming events Potential Sponsor Types:

Manufacture Support (Subaru of America and STi)
Vendors (Hairpin Racing, Primitive Enterprises, SPO Motorsports, SYMS Racing, etc.)
Dealership (Carr Subaru, etc.)
Installers (?)
Maintenance (?)
Other Aftermarket Shops (Speed Concepts, etc.)

Why did we create SPEC and why should you be a part of it?
To first bring the people from the Portland/Vancouver area together.
To be able to meet more often for different occasions (Meetings, Fun Runs, Auto Shows, Track Days, Other Club Events, etc.)

What are SPEC's goals?
To establish a meeting for the area on a regular basis (monthly)
To source all sorts of aftermarket products for Subarus
To generate sponsorship from local vendors and dealerships
To be able to support the benefits of the club members (t-shirts and sponsorships, discounts)
To generate enough money to support our own meets, shows and track-days
To be able to support other club meets and track-days (BMW Club, etc.)
To establish a prestigious car show that will feature Subarus (all makes and models)
To sponsor a car show that will be for all types and kinds of cars
To establish a sister/brother club in

How will SPEC be involved with Japan?