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Last Updated: 12/01/01

Well, now that the Holiday Season is upon us, we here at SPEC would like to wish everyone a Happy Holidays shout out to everyone. May all of your wishes, dreams, travel and health be great.

With the weather being as rainy as it is, I would also like to express to please drive safely. I know that our cars can kick some serious booty, but no everyone out there is as a great of driver. So please be careful (although, I think I'm saying this more for me than for you… Hahahaha).

Our last SPEC meeting was a blast and I'm glad that so many of you showed up. The Hot Tracks facility seemed to be a fun time, so we may be doing it again here soon. Thanks to Hozay, my finger is now starting to heal, but there will be a pretty good scare… just kiddin' Hozay, I'm okay.

The next SPEC meeting will most likely be on Friday, December 7th, 2001. This will be the last gathering before the New Year. I know that it's a busy time of year, but I hope that all of you can make it. I'm thinking that we can at least meet up at Carr Subaru and decide what we want to do from there. We can do anything from going to have dinner, drinks, movies, Colin McRae Tournament, GT3 Tournament, Q&A with Lee Shadbolt and (maybe) Paul Eklund.