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Updated: 12/01/2001

WRC (World Rally Championship):
Richard Burns and Robert Reid have done it!!! They took the WRC Drivers' Championship!!! I'm so happy for them. The new WRX has come through in the end to help them win!!! Way to go Subaru!!! (Can you tell I'm excited?) I'm feelin' really sad now that they are going to Peugeot next year, oh well... we wish them well with Peugeot... but not too much. He'll return to Subaru and win again one of these days.

This next year will be very interesting for us Subaru enthusiasts. With Richard Burns gone, now we get Tommi Makkinen! It's going to be a lot of fun. Too bad we just could not have it like Ford (with two top-guns driving for them), except we would have Richard Burns, Tommi Makkinen and Petter Solberg… one can only im. Now it'll be Peugeot and Ford dukin' out for the Manufacturers' Title… I think. However, I'm a Subaru fan through and through, so we wish Subaru well for this next year!

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SCCA ProRally:
This has been a great year for Hairpin Racing, Primitive Racing and SAS Motorsports. Look forward to a little summary on how the 2001 season went and what to look forward to for the 2002 season. We wish them all well and a successful season to follow.

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Subaru Rally Team USA:
Congratulations to Mark Lovell and Karl Scheible for their success at Subaru USA Rally Team! The new WRX has not only come through to win in the WRC, but it has won the Manufacturers' Title, Drivers' Title and the Group N Title in the SCCA ProRally Championship. I'm sure that there are other huge classes out there that have also won with the new WRX. I'm just happy to report that with this new of a car and it doing so well, there's nothing like being on the cloud of excellence. Way to go Subaru!